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When to plan for renderings

When is planning for your rendering collateral and/or animations, appropriate?

The short answer: Always.

When digital renderings appeared on the scene, some years ago now, it wasn’t unusual for a client to request single elevation renderings, and then later, as the project progressed and the marketing plan evolved, someone might think it was a good idea to add an animation of the community or of some specific part of the community, like the children’s parks or the clubhouse and pool area.

What became evident fairly quickly, is that if one was able to anticipate the needs of the marketing plan, you could better plan for collateral that could be produced from some of those efforts and wind up with renderings “pulled from some or part of the animation”. The bottom line being that you could

conserve costs while at the same time having more collateral to work with.

So as an example, if you knew that you were going to “drive down” or “fly down” a specific street, you now had the option of “pulling” some or all of the street scene views and perhaps individual elevations, into the still rendering inventory.

By planning for and creating an animation first, as part of your marketing strategy, you can "pull and/or plan" for additional collateral from the animation, saving you money on your overall budget.

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