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Time to Outsource versus Hire another Member of Your Team

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Over the years, thirty or so to be exact, our little company that began in our garage and blossomed at one time to seventy five employees, has been faced with among other things, whether to outsource or

use and/or expand our team.

Sometimes it made sense to expand that team, but with expansion, comes other responsibilities like

benefits, additional taxes, you get the drill. It was very surprising, what is required from an employer at

varying levels of employment. As an example, training sessions are required on harassment, best practices in the workplace and other riveting subjects.

We have always been committed to providing the best possible environment for our employees and

therefore have been more than willing to adhere to whatever guidelines it took.

I would say, since Covid, the availability of not just trained staff, but willing to work staff has seen some challenges. In fact, I have never seen so many advertisements for hiring outside places of business, in my life. And offering jobs at rates higher than the minimum wage.

With “working from home” having become so popular, it is not only difficult to get employees back in the office, but probably not a good idea for our trained staff working off site, to be required to come back to the office. This seasoned group of workers is very productive and doing a great job.

It is the newer staff we have had trouble with. Trouble logging in remotely when they are not actually

working or logging out long after they have completed a project. This is easy to identify with the less

productive staff, but does run the risk of being a sort of “cancer” growing in your organization, if not

identified soon, as it can make for costly “losses”.

Outsourcing does have the potential to assist here, as your budget is finite and the independent

contractor can give themselves a raise by offering a project at a price and then completing it ahead of

schedule. The independent contractor also has the responsibility of their own benefits management.

We have our own render farm and have been big proponents of doing our projects with our “own

team”. However it is worth considering, when faced with the issues I just detailed. The client’s needs

are of the utmost importance and when considering that, one must be open to all that is available to

achieve that.

Have you tried outsourcing yet? Let us know in the poll below, we'd love to know!

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