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What do we need to create interiors for your next project?

Interior renderings can be very useful for assisting with being able to visualize your space. How great it

would be if we could close our eyes, after visually “taking in a space”, sort of like taking a picture with a

camera and then be able to close our eyes again and see our room or rooms decorated and furnished in our “mind’s eye”.

Well, it cannot be done like that for most of us and that is where it is very useful to be able to build a

space virtually, and “prop” it, without making any of the physical and costly mistakes that come with

trying over and over again, to get that space just right by possibly painting that room the wrong color or installing wall coverings, drapes or furnishings that just don’t fit, or that turn out exactly the opposite of what we intended, or what our clients or potential homebuyers might want.

That is where interior renderings can be invaluable. Get it just right virtually before making or committing to all the expenses related to that. In order to achieve this, we are going to need some

materials first.

In addition to needing the “interior sections” of the architectural drawings, we are going to need the exterior color scheme information, furniture and wall covering details and window treatment ideas or inspiration images that can help provide the information we need to assist with color and furnishing guidance. 

If you have specific furniture and design “call outs”, we will also have to take a look at those and determine if we have the same or similar furniture pieces in our library that can be used, which will provide a cost savings, or are they going to have to be custom modeled, in which case there would be an additional charge for building those out.


The process for delivery of the interior images would entail modeling the room, and “propping” it after

reviewing all of the requested information, and then establishing what “shots” would be best if you plan to use them for advertising purposes. If they are for your personal use, we will still establish the best “views”, before sending the draft images for approval and/or “red lining”, before then, making any

changes to the images. After this, the revised draft can be provided for review and lighting can be

adjusted, before sending images for review again and hopefully obtaining final approval.

While this is a lot of information and there might seem to be a lot of “steps” here, it can save a lot of time and money in the end.


If we can help with your next project, we look forward to working with you and providing the best

renderings available to you in the industry!

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